Health benefits of exercise

One of the questions we always ask our patients during an assesment is if they do any kind of exercise. Well done to all of you who answer 'yes'. This news item is to try and persuade the 'no' answerers to start doing some.

There is overwhelming evidence of health benefits of exercise so let's get your attention:

  • 30% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • 50% lower risk of colon cancer
  • 20% lower risk of breast cancer
  • 30% lower risk of an early death
  • 83% lower risk of osteoarthritis
  • 68% lower risk of a hip fracture
  • 30% lower risk of a fall among older adults
  • 35% lower risk of depression
  • 30% lower risk of dementia

to name but a few


Regular exercise improves: blood pressure, diabetis, osteoporosis, immune function, boosts mood (so great for depression), improves sleep quality, increases your brain volume (both grey and white matter) etc.

The guide lines for the amount of exercise you need to do are:

children under 5  180 min/day

young people aged 5-18  60 min/day

adults aged 19-64   150 min/week

65 and over  150 min/week  (you can spread this out over the week or do it all in 1 go)

When you do exercise it can be anything you enjoy doing as long as you raise your heart rate and brake into a sweat.

A good way to measure if you are doing moderate intense exercise is if you can still talk but can't sing words to a song.

On top of  doing exercise, raising general activity levels is another way to increase your health.

A sedentry life style is a "silent killer" and exercise is the most cost effective medicine around. You should try and reduce a sedentry life style and raise activity levels by for example stop using the car for short journeys and limit time your toddler is strapped into buggies.

Have I convinced you yet?

There may be a reason why you are not exercising?

 Maybe you'd like to exercise but have a medical condition and are not sure what you can do? Or maybe you've been injured and need help to sort out your injury first.

If you need help we're here to help get you moving, exercising, enjoying, and living a long and healthy life!




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