Incontinence common but not normal

Female incontinence has been in the news quite a bit recently. Statistics for incontinence are startling: 1 in 3 women leak urine regularly.

And all the evidence shows that conservative management is the most effective treatment for pelvic floor issues.

Physio Elaine Miller, who has a hobby as a comedian won 'weirdest' show of Edinburgh festival with her show "Gusset Grippers". After suffering herself and wetting herself on the doorstep to her neighbours house, she decided a good way of bursting the taboo surrounding leaking was to combine physio with comedy.

Periods were embarrasing 30 years ago, not anymore....we can do the same for incontinence.

Physio's trained in female health will do an internal examination while teaching pelvic floor exercises to ensure the women is performing them correctly, asses power and check for pelvic dysfunction. It takes place entirely behind closed doors, which provides the necessary privacy.

Then you will get an individual exercise program and any other help needed for your particular problem.


Another pelivc floor issue was covered on BBC 4's Womens hour. Vicky Keats discussed a different problem to weakness of the pelvic floor. Woman can also leak because of an overactive pelvic floor. This can cause pain and difficulty during intercourse. Have a listen

If you recognise these symptoms or have a friend who suffers, please call us. There is a solution!!

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