muscle strengthening and the effect of nutrition

When you eat protein, it gets broken down during digestion into amino acids. Amino acids are transported to your muscles through the blood stream and work as a trigger for your muscles to build them back into protein. Muscles use these proteins to build more muscle cells and fibres. It takes about 5 hours for this process to happen. 

 So if you want to build muscle, eating the right foods is just as important as the exercises you perform. In older age the body becomes slower at processing protein. This is called anabolic resistence. Scientists believe that anabolic resistence is an effect of inactivity. This is why older people, who move less and possibly don't eat as well become weaker and more immobile. But there is good news! Studies also show that older people gain as much benefit and build up muscle at the same rate as younger people. IF:  they exercise and have the same nutrition! 







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