Physiotherapy and football injuries

With the football world cup in full swing (and luckily the Netherlands in top form!) it seems a good moment to talk about football injuries.

Although it seems you don't need to be playing to cause yourself an injury: Just look at the poor physio who celebrating an England goal fractured and dislocated his ankle.

The most common football injuries are covered in the article in this link

What I like about this article is that it shows average injury recovery times. Something we are always asked: "how long before I can play again?"

Many recreational sportmen and women return to full sport without fully rehabbing. This can lead to an ongoing pain whilst playing sport and of course re-injury.

With fully rehabbing I mean full recovery from your injury, so for example after a hamstring injury you need complete healing of the muscle tissue, but you also need to make sure the hamstring can perform to it's full function again. This means good hamstring power, good hamstring length and an ability to cope with explosive action, change of direction and streching for a ball.

This requires muscle coordination and agility.

This is the last stage of a rehab program and often skipped because the injury seems painfree and the sports man/women wants to get back to their sport  as soon as possible.

With the football, rugby, hocky, netball season etc. now over and a summer break starting, it is the perfect time to sort out those ongoing muscle niggles you may still have from an injury during the season.  It may just involve getting the right exercises to work on that muscle length, power, agility and coordination. If you start now it will get you ready for pre-season training on time!

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