Is sports massage useful for marathon runners?

For most of us running a marathon is a massive challenge and commitment. So the last thing you want is an injury that could force you to pull out before the big day.

It can be very helpful to get a sports massage during the final weeks of training before the race. It is also the time to keep streching, rest plenty and eat well.

Physical benefits

  • Improve tissue permeability: this allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscle cells quickly.
  • Improve flexibilty. You don't want to stiffen up now that your training has slowed down.
  • relaxation: By increasing circulation, warming the muscles and soothing the nerve endings.

Psychological benefits

  • reduce anxiety by releasing chemicals and hormones that induce relaxation and relieve levels of stress.
  • Brisk massage strokes just prior to a race can invigorate your body and make you feel energised for the work ahead!

And post marathon...

In the week after the race massage helps to repair the microscopic gamage to you muscles. It will ease that post event soreness. Your body will need all the help it can get to recover fully!

Book an appointment with Deborah, and find out the benefits for yourself.

And GOOD LUCK on the big day!

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