Why do you need to take children and adolescent sports injuries seriously?

40% of all children and teenage injuries are sport related. Injuries in young athlete's are often trivialised. They are often asked to "toughen up and play on".

This approach is not in the young athlete's best interest for the following reasons:

-It often leads to delayed healing and return to sport                                                                                                                                                                                             -It can turn an easily treatable injury into one that becomes difficult to treat and                                                                                                                                                  -In some cases, it can result in a permanent injury that precludes sport participation

In most cases (90% of the time) physiotherapists can make an accurate diagnosis by taking a full medical history and performing a systematic examination of the injured joint. Only in some cases do you need special tests i.e. X-rays or MRI scan.

The most important ingredient in rehabilitation of any bone, muscle, ligament or joint injury is doing the right thing at each stage of healing.

Early rehab would involve more rest and easy exercises to let the tissues repair, and later rehab would involve rehabilitation exercises to full function and sport activity.

Returning to sport without restoring full motion, flexibility, strength, endurance and motorskills increase the risk of re-injury and ongoing pain.                                               

For example once you've sprained your ankle it often happens again and again.

Now the summer holiday is upon us and most kids are having a break from their sport. If they have been injured during the season or suffer from ongoing pain, this is the perfect time to get them checked out. They will be given a rehab program to do during the summer designed specifically for them to help them be fit, ready and fully functional to start the new season in september. Whether it's football, rugby, netball, hockey etc.

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