Clare Roche - physiotherapist

Clare is a member of the manipulative association of chartered physiotherapists. Her interests are in musculoskeletal problems, but she has also maintained her skills in the treatment of neurological conditions such as strokes, MS and Parkinsons. She is qualified to inject joints and other tissues where appropriate.

Having had a go at most sports including marathon running, mountaineering, skiing, sailing, tennis, squash and dragon boat racing (if you can call that sport!) she retains a certain sympathy with the frustrated injured sportsman.

"Successful treatment  of musculoskeletal problems, in my view, hinges on a full understanding of the causes of the condition. For this it is crucial to have a diagnosis that identifies the structures causing the problem. Armed with this knowledge, and with the help of their therapist, the patient can then contribute to their own improvement. One of my roles, I feel, is to provide that diagnosis and explain it clearly. Exercises nearly always form the basis of subsequent treatment. These exercises must be specific to the individual and their problem - generic lists of exercises are inadequate. I am keen that patients understand a realistic timeframe for  their improvement and firmly believe age is no barrier to improvement. This has been born out by recent research that shows elderly athletes are improving their performance even into their eighties... and that has to be good news for all!"

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