Clare Roche - physiotherapist

Clare Roche - mountaineering
Clare Roche - Triathlon finish


Clare’s interests are mainly in musculo-skeletal conditions, especially those complex problems that require biomechanical analysis. Unravelling, for instance, low back, hip and pelvis issues, lower leg pain in runners or shoulder pain in a racket sport player.

Having had a go at most sports including marathon running, mountaineering, skiing - in all its forms, sailing, diving, tennis & squash, in recent years she has embraced triathlon. In 2017 she represented Great Britain at the World Championships , coming 11th in her age group and in 2018 she again competed for Britain at the European Championships finishing 13th. Consequently she is sympathetic to the needs of athletes of all ages and abilities, but also firmly believes that the principles of athletic training can and should be applied to everyone needing rehabilitation.

"Successful treatment of musculo-skeletal problems, in my view, hinges on a full understanding of the causes of the condition. For this it is crucial to have a diagnosis that identifies the structures causing the problem. Armed with this knowledge, and with the help of their therapist, the patient can then contribute to their own improvement. One of my roles, I feel, is to provide that diagnosis and explain it clearly. Exercises nearly always form the basis of subsequent treatment. These exercises must be specific to the individual and their problem - generic lists of exercises are inadequate. I am keen that patients understand a realistic timeframe for their improvement and firmly believe age is no barrier to improvement. This has been born out by recent research that shows elderly athletes are improving their performance even into their eighties... and that has to be good news for all!"

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