Jack Rowe - physiotherapist

Jack graduatued from the University of East Anglia BSc programme in 2015. Since qualifying he has gained experience in muskuloskeletal conditions and sports injuries at the Horder centre where he also continues to work. He runs the OA and post operative knee replacement classes and works closely with the orthopedic consultants in the post operative rehabilitation of upper and lower limb presentations.  Jack played football, cricket and did athletics as a teenager, and has recently taken up golf.

"I feel a patient centered approach is vital in the management of muskuloskeletal presentations. I believe strongly in encouraging a holistic approach to assesment and treatment to identify the source/contributing factors in patient symptoms. Most importantly I ensure that treatment is tailored to a patient individual needs.  It is essential to educate patients about their injury to increase understanding and confidence and to allow patients to take control over their injury. I ultimately encourage the maintenance of exercises to promote the long term prevention of further injury"


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